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"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength"

Sigmund Freud

Dr. Adam Danquah

I am a clinical psychologist and psychodynamic psychotherapist working in private practice in south Manchester. I am registered with both the HCPC and the BPC

I have worked in the NHS for a number of years, primarily in and around Manchester, though my work as a psychologist has also taken me to Ghana, West Africa.

In my other work, I am a lecturer in clinical psychology at the University of Manchester. I also support the Tavistock's Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training in Manchester.  

Over the years I have been influenced by a number of theories and approaches within the psychodynamic tradition, but find attachment theory - with its abiding focus on our attachments, our separations and our losses - the most compelling way to understand emotional and relational difficulties.



Psychodynamic (or psychoanalytic) psychotherapy helps people to resolve their difficulties by increasing their awareness of their inner world and its influence on how they get on with others - and themselves. 

The aim is usually deep seated change.

Difficulties that come up with others inevitably arise in the therapeutic relationship. It is the job of the therapist to provide a setting that is safe enough for this to be shared, experienced and understood in real time. It is only by knowing what we do that we can really choose to do differently. 

It is important to know that this is not always a comfortable space. The worst as well as the best of yourself is welcome, and trying to know about all aspects of yourself while becoming known is sometimes painful. The relationship is also asymmetrical in that the therapist does not divulge much of their biography in the shared work of trying to understand what you bring of yours. At times this can feel awkward, even unfair, though it can also be liberating, freeing you up to focus on what matters most in your life.

Please click here for more detail on psychodynamic psychotherapy and its research evidence base.

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I can offer one-to-one psychotherapy at a frequency of one or two sessions per week. 

My standard practice is to offer at least two (and possibly up to four) consultation sessions initially, to work out with you the nature and development of your difficulties and whether I would be able to help you.

By the end of the consultation process, we will have worked out a focus for therapy and agreed a start date from there. The fee and other practical arrangements would also be agreed as part of this process.

If I did not feel able to help you myself, I have a network of colleagues with experience and expertise in different areas whom I would be able to recommend. If I did not believe that therapy would be helpful at the time of your consulting, I would be upfront about this and discuss possible alternatives with you.


I can offer one-to-one or group psychodynamic supervision to psychotherapists or psychotherapists in training.

I can also also offer supervision to other psychological therapists or mental health professionals who would like to take a psychodynamic lens to their clinical work. 

I have extensive experience of helping individuals from a range of professional backgrounds appreciate and use transference and countertransference dynamics in their work, having worked across a number of contexts in adult mental health, including psychological therapies, community mental health teams, mental health wards, older people's services, and neuropsychology. 

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Dr. Adam Danquah

Room 10, Norwood House

53 Brighton Grove


M14 5JT

07925 063 816